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Theories of Democratic Governance in Institution of Higher Education

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Civic Organizations and Research Resources

Organizations & Resources for Service-Learning and Civic Research

To learn more about the service-learning movement, resources for civic research projects, information on grants and fellowships for service-learning or civic engagement research and organizations committed to civic participation programs, please visit the following websites or just clink on the links below:

American Association for Higher Education

RMC Research Corporation

World Phenomenology Institute

National Society for Experiential Learning

FEMA's EMI National Education Conference

The Corporation for National and Community Service

USA Freedom Corps

Campus Compact

Sustainable Communities Network (SCN)

Civic Mind ™ Gateway to civic participation ™

Association of American Colleges and Universities’ Civic Engagement

The American Political Science Association Online Civic Education Network

A Sociological Tour Through Cyberspace

The I Odum Institute for Research in Social Science

Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research  

The National Election Studies (NES)


Social Science Information Gateway

Missouri Census Data Center

U.S. Census Bureau


CSU Social Sciences Research & Teaching Resources

Federal Government Links



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