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Theories of Democratic Governance in Institution of Higher Education

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Scientific Research

Currently featured is the author Emmanuel Tetteh on the Theories of Democratic Governance in the Institutions of Higher Education. This book is one of Emmanuel Tetteh’s research projects in the doctoral program in Public Policy and Administration in the School of Management at Walden University. It is, however, a slightly expanded version of the one submitted to the Walden Institution, which served as one of the ground works toward his doctoral dissertation research project

It is a derivative research manuscript that reflects the demonstration of a Knowledge Area Module in essential contemporary democratic issues in higher education administration from their theoretical and historical contexts. It examines the role of higher education in influencing public policy and guiding the administrative decision-making process to foster civility.

In this milieu, Tetteh analyzed the theories of democratic governance and public policy as they relate to the administrative practices of enrollment management in institutions of higher education and their underlying assumptions on open access to adult education and civic/democratic education.

As a contextual framework, this derivative research project focuses on three critical premises: analysis, synthesis, and evaluation in exploring the works of Harold Raymond Wayne Benjamin and Associates, David Breneman and Chester Finn, John Dewey, Robert Pinkney, the editorial work of Bernard Murchland, Constance Ewing Cook, the editorial work of Steven Schapiro, and the 1947 Report of the President’s Commission on Higher Education.

To browse the preliminary pages of the book:Theories of Democratic Governance in the Institutions of Higher Education, which consists of the title pages, the copyright information, publishers information, dedication, acknowledgement, TOC, list of tables and figures, preface, and introduction please Click Here and click on the white arrows in order to navigate through the pages.

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